Discover the Drawing Method Created for Your Child Who Enjoys Drawing, Even If He Is A COMPLETE BEGINNER

Strategy used by parents to free their children from ADDICTION TO GAMES and SOCIAL NETWORKS in just 7 days, while they stimulate creativity and concentration doing what they like.

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How the Course Works:

Watch from Any Device

Watch from any device: computer, cell phone, TV or tablet.

Video Lessons

Simple and easy didactic classes, with practical exercises for children from 5 years old.

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You pay once, and you can access the course forever.


Watch whenever you want, anytime.

Learn about the CIPI Method

The Only Innovative Drawing Method created to develop your child’s 4 brain areas while drawing.


Through drawing, children learn to execute movements and shapes, developing their coordination and psychomotricity.


With drawing, children manage to externalize their creativity and translate the world through their unique and particular point of view.


Through drawing, the child expresses his feelings and the way he interprets things around him, showing how that impacts him.


By drawing and painting the child generates a huge amount of brain connections and uses his knowledge to create by developing the cognitive side of the brain.

Who is the Children's Drawing Course for?

For Parents Who:

For Children Who:

We have students from 4 to 65 years old

These are the photos we receive every day from fathers.

This gallery started from ABSOLUTE ZERO and today it develops with Drawings doing something productive free from games and social networks.

See some videos we received from parents

All classes are 100% Practical for children from 4 years old.

The student accesses the class at any time he wants via cell phone, computer, television or tablet.

And all the exercises performed are evaluated by the teachers.

Course content

See what types of Drawing your child will learn and how it will help in their development.

Module 01: Introduction to Drawing (Coordinative Development)

In this initial step, the student will learn the basic technique to build any design, in addition to learning exercises to develop their coordination and psychomotricity.

Module 02: Human Anatomy (Cognitive Development)

From the technique learned in the previous module, the student will learn to draw in practice the structure of the human body in its entirety and its proportions, here the student will already have a great idea of ​​how to create a complete structure of a perfect drawing.

Module 03: Facial Expressions (Perceptual Interpretive Development)

In this module the student learns to express emotions and feelings, giving life, personality and demonstrating the state of mind in their drawings. Made for introverted kids who stay in their rooms and have problems relating to others.

Module 04: Infinite Creativity (Creative Development)

In this phase, the student will learn to transmit all his imagination to paper, externalizing his creativity and translating the world to his unique and particular point of view. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to draw using only their imagination.

Watch an excerpt from a class

Each class is strategically designed thinking about the child’s development in several different aspects using drawing techniques.

Certificate of completion

In addition to all this content, at the end of the training, the student will also receive his Certificate of Completion, which can be presented and used wherever he wants.

It will be your emblem that you’ve managed to complete your journey and realize your big dream of becoming a Professional Artist.

What if my child doesn't like the course?


Stay 100% Satisfied Or Get Your Money Back.

Rest assured that the “Formula da Arte Drawing Course” has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you have 7 days to access the content and if you still think the course is not for you, just ask for a refund and I will refund your money in full.

Without questions and questions, So you make your purchase completely safe.

Who is the Creator of the Drawing Course?

With more than 09 years of study and practice with drawings, Bruno Jenisch will be the teacher throughout the training.

My whole life I have always been fascinated by the art of Drawing, my mother at the time would always buy those Drawing comics, always looking for ways to invest in my Future.

After many parents sought me out, because they desperately wanted to get their children out of the way of Games and Social Networks, I went back and created a Special Course for Children of All Ages and that’s how the Children’s Drawing Course was born.

In addition to the complete course, I will provide +08 Bonuses

Here are the bonuses I'm going to make available to you when you secure your place on the Drawing the Art Formula course today

Bonus #01

Drawing Course - How to Draw Chibis
Here the student takes another COURSE that will learn to transform objects, animals and characters into kawaii and chibi style drawings, they are cute and easy to create drawings.

Sold Separately by: $57,00

bonus #02

Course Transforming Photographs into Drawing
Students will receive a course that will teach them how to transform photographs into drawings, being able to draw their entire family if they wish.

Sold Separately by: $37,00

bonus #03

Anime Express Drawing Course
A course that will teach from zero to advanced everything about anime and manga.

Sold Separately by: $67,00

bonus #04

Express Realism Drawing Course
In this course the student will learn to create drawings that look like photographs through shading and texture techniques.

Sold Separately by: $87,00

bonus #05

Does your daughter dream of drawing Frozen and other Princesses like Rapunzel and Cinderella? Here, she will not only learn how to make her own princesses, but will also be able to create princesses from her Imagination.

Sold Separately by: $47,00

bonus #06

Do you or your child like to draw Animals? This training is perfect because here you will learn to raise all kinds of animals following an infallible method.

Sold Separately by: $37,00

bonus #07

In this training, the student will learn to create scenarios and landscapes, applying simple and easy techniques, step by step.

Sold Separately by: $27,00

bonus #08

In this Course, the Student will learn to add depth to the drawings through perspective. With the techniques taught in this course, the Drawings will literally come out of Paper.

Sold Separately by: $67,00

These Bonuses are usually sold separately for the total price of:

$ 426,00

But today they will be FREE for you !!

Answer me this question:

Today only, you'll get it all at an introductory price!

The Added Value should cost:

$ 567,00

But thinking about your child's future, I'm going to offer a MEGA DISCOUNT for this class:



Questions You Might Be Having Right Now

At what age can students participate in the course?
From 3 to 4 years old, no age limit.

My son does not know how to draw absolutely nothing, does he serve?Yes! What is important is that the student enjoys sketching, since applying the techniques of sketching will develop even from zero.

How do I access the course?
You will receive access data, with user name and password, through the email you use on the registration page.

Simply click on the bottom button to finalize the registration and guarantee access right away.

Will my child receive follow-up?
Yes, you can clarify your doubts in the comments below the classes and personally directly with the teachers.

How long will it take to access the course?
This class will have access forever, exclusive only this time, remembering that the payment is also unique.

How long does it take to get access?
On the card, access is immediate once registration is complete.

How will the student attend the classes?
The student can access it whenever he wants, and as many times as he wants through his cell phone, computer, tablet or television.

What types of drawings will the student learn?
All! With the techniques taught, the student will complete the training knowing how to draw what they want using only their imagination.

What materials are needed?
At first only pencil and paper will be needed, then the materials most suitable for the student will go through within the course.

¿Qué pasa si a mi jojo no le gusta el curso?
The Alumno can try the course for 7 days and then decide whether to continue with the training or not, our guarantee is unconditional.

Does the course have a certificate?
If you will automatically receive the certificate after completing all the classes of the course, remember to inform the name of the student when registering.

What will I receive to ensure my registration?
You will receive the Complete Children’s Drawing course for free but all bonuses included.

My son doesn’t know how to read or write, can you participate?

Yes! The classes are 100% practical and very simple didactics, for children from 4 years old.

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2° And the second and best option is to invest in your little one from now on, paying less than 10 cents a day, with no risks, and take all the bonuses from this group and see him grow up as a healthy child, free of any addiction.

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